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[TRUE STORY] How I Finally Got Healed From Over 4 Years Excruciating Joint Pain 

 About six years ago I was having symptoms of grinding, excruciating pain, stiffness and inability to bend my knees
My knees and ankles were swollen and was affecting my sleep and my work as a Pastor.
 I could not stand for long or wear certain kind of shoes.
 It became so bad that I started limping and I even felt that one of my legs was getting shorter.
I went to Lagos University Teaching Hospital and I was prescribed strong analgesics that was creating terrible side effects such as internal bleeding
The healthcare specialist at a time concluded that my knee cartilages have eroded and suggested knee cap surgery which would have cost me  about N800,000 
And he said  Arthritis had no treatment. 
I knew most of such surgeries though very expensive had minimal success outcome
I vowed I wouldn’t go for the surgeries. 
I kept bearing the pain, I also started some  medications that are meant for joint pains and movement but despite the expensive medications there was not  much relief.
Two years ago on a beautiful day someone introduced  some organic products to me and within a month all the symptoms we’re gone. 
 And now  I am free from what the doctors said could not be treated. 
I am free from joint aches and pain
I now move about freely.
I can do what I couldn’t do.
I wear whatever shoes I want to wear and I am so grateful to God. 
 I do not want to keep this knowledge to myself
I  know that there are people out there suffering severe joint pains or slip disc that is affecting their  lifestyle and movement.
This may not be allowing you to be who you want to be and go where you want to go.

In simple terms, arthritis is a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of joints.
In actuality, Arthritis is not a single disease; but rather an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. So it is really like a generic term.
As arthritis affects the joints, we must know how the joint works, to know its cause.
 And that is very significant, because many people treat symptoms without investigating the cause of the discomfort or pain.
So, a Joint is where one bone moves on another bone. 
Ligaments hold the two bones together. The ligaments are like elastic bands, which keep the bones in their place. 
The muscles relax or contract for the movement.
Cartilage covers the bone surface in order to prevent the two bones from rubbing directly against each other. The covering of cartilage allows the joint to work smoothly and pain free.
A capsule surrounds the joint. The space within the joint contains synovial fluid.
This fluid nourishes the joint and the cartilage.
The synovial membrane produces the joint fluid.
Pls take note of the definitions above: 
Synovial Fluid 
Four simple words that, if we understood their interrelationships, could make significant difference to your health and well being.
Now, do you know there are more than 100 types of arthritis? But you will learn   some of the more common one’s in this article
Some of the types of arthritis are –

Osteoarthritis – In this the cartilage loses its elasticity. If the cartilage is stiff it becomes damaged more easily.
The cartilage that acts as a shock absorber, decreases. 
As cartilage prevents the bones from rubbing against each other, when it decreases, the bones rub against each other and cause extreme pain. 
More people have this condition than other forms of arthritis. It’s the “wear and tear” that happens when your joints are overused. 
It usually happens with age, but it can also come from joint injuries or obesity, which puts extra stress on your joints. 
Joints that bear weight — like your knees, hips, feet and spine — are the most common places it affects.
 It often comes on gradually over months or years. It makes the affected joint hurt but does not make you feel sick or suffer the fatigue that comes with some other types of arthritis.
What really happens is you lose your body’s shock absorber i.e The Cartilage. 
That slippery material that covers the ends of the bones gradually breaks down thus losing its ability to cushion the joint. 
The damaged cartilage makes movement painful. 
You may hear a grating sound when the roughened cartilage on the bones rub together.
You may get painful spurs or bumps on the end of the bones, especially on fingers and feet.
The second type of Arthritis is the 
Rheumatoid Arthritis
This is an inflammatory form of arthritis. The synovial membrane (synovium) is attacked.
By this the joint lining is affected. 
The inflammation affects not only the joints, but also other parts of body causing excessive pain and tiredness. 
It is more common in women than men. 70% of patients who suffer from it are women.
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an Autoimmune Disease.
This means that the immune system “attacks” parts of your body, especially the Joints.
Depends on which joint(s) are affected but you may have: 
1.) Deep, aching pain 
2.) Trouble dressing, combing your hair, gripping things, bending over, squatting, or climbing stairs, depending on which joint(s) are involved. 
3.) Morning stiffness that typically lasts less than 30 minutes 
4.) Pain when walking
5.) Stiffness after resting.
You may also observe that your joints are 
> Warm to touch
> Swollen and harder to move 
> Unable to move through a full range of motion.
Doctors still are unable to explain what really causes Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
Some experts believe the Immune System becomes “confused” after an infection with a bacteria or virus and starts to attack the joints. This battle can also spread to other parts of the body leading to (Multiple Sclerosis)


ARTHRITIS CARE NUTRITIONAL THERAPY contain nutritional supplement that has been found very helpful for most types of arthritis..
It has been used successfully in over 100 countries with several testimonials
·         General body tonic:It replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c.).
It is an elixir of life)
·         Increases feelings of vitality and increases flexibilty
·         Contains more than 200 nutritional compounds
·         Detoxifies the entire body system of toxins(due to the presence of vitamin a,c and e);protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxdant);aids  rejuvenation.
·         Cleanses the entire digestive system(due to the presence of saponin),and it also aid in healing stomach  disorders ,constipation,haemorroids,rectal itching,colitis and all colon problems
·         It is a non steroidal anti inflammatory and helpful against arthritis
·         Natural pain inhibitor(helpful against general body pain)
·         Natural healer(helpful against ulcer and also promotes wound healing)
·         Natural immunodulator;(due to the presence of sugar called  polysaccharides);helpful against infections,even aids.
·         Natural source of energy(increases rate of metabolism);help against low energy level

Forever Active HA® provides a unique form of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Active HA helps to lubricate and cushion your joints and muscles, as well as to insure adequate skin hydration. With moisturizing and lubricating properties, plus Ginger Oil and Turmeric – making it one of the most powerful nutritional joint and skin moisturizing supplements on the market.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a special protein that our bodies produce to lubricate and cushion our joints and muscles, as well as to insure adequate skin hydration. As we age, our bodies produce less and less HA. With less HA, our joints can lose their natural lubrication, and our skin appears rough and dry. Until recently, hyaluronic acid had to be injected because the digestive system could not absorb it in its natural state; but thanks to a new and unique process, HA may now be consumed orally. And for centuries, Chinese herbalists have used Ginger and Turmeric to help promote proper joint function.


✔Specially designed for a soothing relaxing  massage·
✔ Soothing aching muscle & joint pain   
✔ Reliefs menstrual cramp,and tension in the head.·   
✔Found helpful in rheumatic pains.·   
✔Helpful against catarrh and cold attack


What is Forever Freedom?

An orange flavoured nutritional drink specially formulated for aiding in the maintenance of proper joint function.

What are the main ingredients in Forever Freedom? 

Forever Freedom’s primary ingredient is our patented stabilised Aloe Vera Gel.

A 4 fluid ounce (120 mls) drink of Forever Freedom contains: 1500 mgs of Glucosamine, 1200 mgs Chondroitin, 720 mgs MSM and 250 mgs Vitamin C.

Protects against damage to cartilage 
Promotes formation of new healthy cartilage 

Ingredients know to relive the symptoms of arthritis and muscular rheumatism 

Safely combines with conventional drugs 

Powerful and fast acting 

Suitable for those suffering from joint inflammation, also sports people wishing to prevent wear and tear.

Key ingredients have been shown to:

Relive pain 

Reduce inflammation 

Restore mobility 

Glucosamine Sulphate

A natural component of cartilage. It can be proved that oral Glucosamine definitely finds its way into joint cartilage. It is safe and very powerful in that research has shown that 1500mg of Glucosamine Sulphate (found in one 120ml serving of Forever Freedom) is equivalent in pain killing terms to 1200mg (the recommended daily amount) of Ibuprofen the popular NSAID (NON Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug)

Chondroitin Sulphate
Again a naturally occurring substance in cartilage that forms its matrix and so works in combination with Glucosamine to make this healthy and strong shock absorber. Chondroitin also helps maintain the viscosity of the synovial fluid in the joint so it works like thick oil in an engine preventing the moving parts from being ground down by each other.

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane)
This naturally occurring sulphur compound is found in every cell in the body and is necessary for the manufacture of proteins. Alone, it is a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory and has been used for many years in successfully treating injured horses.

Here are few testimonies about the product.
Testimony 1:
My daughter purchased your product for me. When I saw the title, I was very sceptical. I was told by my doctor that my condition (knee OA) was age-related, irreversible and I needed joint replacement surgery. Nevertheless, I used your product and started to follow your guidelines because I had nothing to lose. And to my biggest surprise my condition has improved a lot. Last raining season I had serious trouble walking. This time around I was able to travel all the way to Accra on holiday with my daughter! Thank you for your great supplements. Blessing Sambo from Abuja
Testimony 2:
I’d been having a sharp pain in my knee for months, and it just didn’t want to go away. I refused to take any meds because I’d had really bad experiences with them. One of my friends recommended your product to me. What an eye-opener it was! It helped me reverse my pains and I am so happy now… the pains have gone. Zainab from Kaduna
Testimony 3:
I’m a Traffic Warder, so standing for long hours is a big part of my job. Last year I had a bad knee injury, but none of the prescribed medications helped me recover fully. I have to stand 4-5 hours in between breaks every day, as you can see my job’s most important assets are my legs… That is why I’m so excited about the effects after using your product! I could feel remarkable improvement only after a month, and now my left knee feels more stable than ever without pain. Samuel Balogun from Abeokuta
Testimony 4:
I cannot believe that I now sleep effortlessly without any drugs to help me. I am 42 years and a mother of 3 handsome boys. Just after the last child left for University, I started having sleepless nights due to joint pains. I met with  my doctor  and I was told it is normal for my age and he gave me some sleeping pills to assist me. I became tired of the sleeping pills and its side effects. But glory be to God for my women’s leader who introduced me to this great remedy that has cured my joint pains and sleepless night. Madam Uwaila from Aba
Testimony 5;
I never expected my legs will improve this fast. I have had this Arthritis Care Remedy for 90 days now. I no longer feel pains in my knee cap and I now walk around and sleep without pains. I must say i am trilled. God bless you. Pastor Richard from Calabar
Testimony 6;
I can’t thank you enough. I have been thinking of buying the Arthritis Care Remedy Pack for a few weeks. Thank God i finally did. My waist improved so fast. My wife is so excited and she just got two more for her mother in the village. keep up the good work. Mr Sunday from Enugu
Testimony 7;
I was involved in an accident few months ago that took my driver’s life and i had a neck sprain. I was unable to turn my neck for months until my doctor introduced me to Arthritis Care Remedy. In less than a month, i was able to turn my neck and sleep well. After 3 months of consistent use, my neck is back and my skin is so fine that one would not even know i was involved in an accident. Hilda Eyo from Asaba.
Now let me ask you a question:

What is your value for getting to enjoy a Constant, Consistent Freedom in walking without pains. 
Have you ever taken time to think about it… if you finally grab this Most Effective, result oriented Arthritis Care Remedy and you were finally able to Enjoy…
Maximum Relief from pains within few days while you finally overcome
 Your Joint Problems. 
This simply means…With this Natural and healthy ARTHRITIS Care Remedy:
You will never have to complain about pain.

You will never have to complain about No burning sensation.

You will never have to complain about Stiffness Problems.

You will never have to complain about Fatigue.

You will never have to complain about persistent swelling of one or more joints

You will never have to complain about pain when you squeeze your joints.

You will never have to complain about difficulty in walking.

You will never have to go for a change in your knee cap or to go for surgery that is very expensive 
The VALUE  AND ACTUAL PRICE OF THE 3 IN 1 MEGA ARTHRITIS CARE REMEDY PACK IS WORTH OVER N39,5000  but you won’t get it at that price but within 1 week you can get it at a huge 15 %discount for just N34,500
The VALUE  AND ACTUAL PRICE OF THE 3 IN 1 MEGA ARTHRITIS CARE REMEDY PACK IS WORTH OVER N31,500  but you won’t get it at that price but within 1 week you can get it at a huge 15 %discount for just N26,500


   Pay cash on delivery




Please ensure you are FULLY ready for this ORDER and the money to pay at the point of Delivery is available before placing your order. 
Kindly Don’t Place an order if you would be traveling soon, or you are not financially ready to receive the order in 2 – 4 days.
We spend a lot of Money & Time shipping these items To Different Locations In Nigeria and we don’t want a situation where your order arrives at your location & you are not available for pickup. Because such situations have caused Us Millions of Losses lately.


Please ensure you are FULLY ready for this ORDER and the money to pay at the point of Delivery is available before placing your order. 
Kindly Don’t Place an order if you would be traveling soon, or you are not financially ready to receive the order in 2 – 4 days.
We spend a lot of Money & Time shipping these items To Different Locations In Nigeria and we don’t want a situation where your order arrives at your location & you are not available for pickup. Because such situations have caused Us Millions of Losses lately.





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Deliveries to other locations require a commitment fee of N2,000 before delivery and balance on delivery. This is due to many unserious customers.All Order comes with FREE DELIVERY

Delivery to outside state capitals attract extra fee.

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